★ You are Missing Out! Want Money for Christmas?

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You are Missing Out! Want Money for Christmas? The 1Dollar Thing System.

Hi Blogger,
The 1Dollar Thing System is about to Explode â€" Do Not Miss Out!

Firstly, here are some important links...
You’re Team Skype Room:
You’re Members HUB:

A One Off Fee of Only $15 for a Full Year...
No More Out of Pocket Expenses!
You WILL build to Over $7,200.00pm FAST!

Look below how your business can grow FAST!
Real Examples that I can show you in my back office!

Member a) Sponsored 9 people but has a team of 36 paying them :)
Member b) Sponsored 1 but has a team of 30 paying them :)
Member c) Sponsored 3 but has a Team of 32 paying them :)
I will show you a private presentation.

The Next 160 Members that upgrade will be earning for Xmas!
By the End of January all will be on $7,200.00pm!
NOTHING CAN STOP THIS! It’s all due to the “Power Circle”
Do You want to be one of these members?

I can give you a private presentation at any time, just contact me.

George Holmes
Skype id: georgieboy628

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