★ If your new to Bitcoin, Let us help step by step!

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We are a real Community made up of Real People who are dedicated to helping each other succeed in this amazing new world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

There are many benefits to being a free CFR member. However, if you would like to earn Bitcoin, Raiser Coin and other valuable coins as a Community Member you should consider becoming an Upgraded CFR Member.

What is an Upgraded CFR Member? At this point in time it is any CFR Community Member who activates a Round One Team Crowdfunding Position.

The price to activate a Team Crowdfunding position in Round One is just a one-time-out-of pocket $50 in Bitcoin (or ETH or LTC) and you are a Pro CFR Member for LIFE. There are no monthly membership fees. And upgrading to higher Team Crowdfunding Rounds can be purchased from commissions earned.

Don Wilson

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